Gulf University, Kingdom of Bahrain:

With the participation of 49 esteemed researchers from various Arab countries

The Gulf University is launching a prestigious International Conference on Digital Media

The Gulf University is all set to launch the second edition of its International Conference under the name of “Digital Media and Social Transformation in the Arabian Gulf”. The Conference will be held remotely on the 1st and 2ndof November 2020, with the participation of 49 researchers form different Arab countries.

On this occasion, the president of Gulf University Dr. Mohanad Al Firas shared that the idea of the Conference comes from The Gulf University's strong belief in the importance of scientific research. At GU, we believe in understanding and analyzing the Scientific Research and Digital Media in order to keep pace with societal transformations, thus enabling us to align our vision with the innovative solutions that support the wheel of economic and social development. It will also help us build media policies and community awareness strategies capable of effectively managing any negative influences of social media while encouraging the positive one.

Al Firas added that holding such conferences is fundamentally based on the National Strategy of Scientific Research launched by the Council of Higher Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain. It aspires to develop the Research Cooperation on the local, regional and international level, to help put the kingdom of Bahrain on the global map of research.

Al Firas went on to say that this conference will be held for 2 consecutive days and will include an opening session followed by 6 scientific sessions that discuss a group of axes related to the digital media, social issues, digital space and its relation to the formation of public opinion, and a number of other axes.

Al Firas also added that we will give our distinguished students who have produced scientific research during their study period the opportunity to present their research papers as part of the conference. The aim is to encourage the students' efforts in addition to providing them with the skills of scientific thinking, dialogue, discussion and scientific activities in an environment conducive to increasing knowledge. In addition, we aim to build a point of communication between the students and a group of experts in the field of scientific research, to increase their skills and expertise, and to achieve the vision of the Gulf University. GU's vision is to improve the quality of output to provide the government and private sectors with qualified human cadres by preparing a group of distinguished students who are able to compete in the labor market, lead the future and participate in Serving the nation in order to achieve comprehensive national development and the vision 2030 of His Majesty.