September: 2017

Gulf University- Sanad:

Gulf University announced the continuation of the admission period in the Bachelor's programs available to new high school graduates and graduates from other universities for the first semester of the academic year 2017-2018.
The head of the Admissions and Registration Department Bara al-Samarrai said that the admission of new students is still open for the Bachelor's programs offered at Gulf University. Ms. Samurai said that Gulf University seeks to attract the largest number of new students seeking academic excellence, noting that students at Gulf University have the highest levels of education in The Kingdom of Bahrain due to highly experienced professors.
Dr. Mohannad Al Mashhadani, President of Gulf University, said: ‘Our outstanding and talented students deserve support from all sides. We at Gulf University are willing to support youth and encourage them to excel in their studies and serve the Kingdom of Bahrain. we offer them scholarships that go up to 50% of the total tuition fees for all Bachelor's programs.

Moreover, Dr. Al-Mashhadani pointed out that the scholarships offered by Gulf University are part of the development plan that aims at increasing the performance of the students and push them to improve their grades and be like their outstanding colleagues. Gulf University intends to improve the performance and quality of academic outputs in accordance with the standards of the Council of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain
It is noteworthy that Gulf University is one of the first private universities licensed by the Ministry of Education in 2001.  It has witnessed the graduation of 12 classes from different majors. Our Alumni hold important positions in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the GCC countries.