Gulf University launches an international media conference next April

November 2017:

Gulf University - Sanad:

Gulf University President Dr. Mohannad Al-Mashhadani revealed the launch of the first international conference on Media and the Challenges of the Arabian Gulf during the period from 10 to 12 April 2018 at the university's headquarters in Sanad. He called on all interested researchers to submit their abstracts by visiting the conference website:

Dr. Mohanad Al Mashhadani, President of the Conference said: ‘The conference aims at exploring the future of the security and economic conditions in the light of the international changes. Gulf University also looks for enhancing the concepts, skills and activities of scientific research in various forms and linking them to the issues of the local community in particular and the Gulf in general.’ He added that: ‘The conference aims at providing practical solutions to the series of events and challenges surrounding the Gulf Region. The conference supports the Higher Education Council of Bahrain will to develop research and community activities and make scientific research a tool for economic and social development.’

Dr. Al-Mashhadani said: ‘The conference includes an opening session and four scientific sessions, which include four main axes: The first, focuses on media and the security challenge. The second axis targets media and the economic challenges. The third focuses on international media and the issues of the Arab Gulf, and the fourth deals with the Arab media issues and the digital media content industry.’ Finally, he stressed that: ‘Gulf University is keen to be an integral part of the course and development of the educational process in the Kingdom of Bahrain as it aims at implementing policies, activities and events in the service of Bahrain's strategic vision in the field of education."