On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, the Gulf University held its second meeting at the Al Areen Hotel in Sakhir, in the presence of the University President Dr. Muhanned Al Mashhadani, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gulf University, Mr. Muhanned Al-Ani, and a number of university professors, employees, students and graduates.

Al-Ghabqa started with a speech from the university president Dr. Muhanned al-Mashhadani, in which he welcomed the audience and greeted them on the holy month, stressing the importance of this Ramadan gathering as part of the university's strategy and its responsibility to strengthen the team spirit among the employees.

The President of the Student Council of the Gulf University, Fawaz Al-Abdullah, conveyed his greeting on the occasion of the holy month to the University administration, stressing the happiness of all students in this initiative as it is an opportunity for communication between students and spreading the spirit of love and harmony among them. He said that this kind of events  encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities that is  various cultural events, sports, social and recreational to achieve the principle of partnership between the university and students.

Al-Ghabqa was done in a very sacred environment of Ramadhan where the band entertained the attendees with   a wonderful atmosphere. The atmosphere of al-Ghabqa was very friendly as the students exchanged all friendly conversations during which they praised the efforts of the President of the University in creating a family spirit among all members of the Gulf University. There were some recreation activities after which the president distributed some valuable prizes to the attendees.