The E-Learning Unit has been established to improve the learning process and to assure its high quality through the usage of technology. It also offers an electronic learning median that supplements the regular classes, as well as providing the students with a variety of skills in different subject areas. This leads to the enhancement of the students’ abilities and their thinking skills. Moreover, it fulfills the students learning needs and continuously supplements them with the appropriate learning resources and allows for more student-teacher interaction regardless to time and place constrains.

The E-learning unit’s mission is to utilize the E learning system according to the courses’ requirements, the students and faculty’s needs. This is to be done according to the E-learning quality standards to boost the students’ analytical thinking skills, their ability to be continuous learners and to assure the continuous improvement of the faculty members’ skills in designing, producing and managing e-courses to promote the quality of the university services to both the students and the community.

The E-Learning Unit aims to:

1.    Maintaining a modern e-learning system in the university.
2.    Continuous development of E learning policies and procedures to contribute in assuring the quality of teaching in the university.
3.    Spreading the e-learning culture among the university personal, faculty members and students.
4.    Developing the faculty members’ skills in the field of E learning and its applications.
5.    Developing the students’ skills of using the e-learning technologies.

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