Gulf University is to be widely recognized for its contribution in both quality education and research with an impact on community in the Kingdom of Bahrain and in the region.  Therefore, the University is seeking to expand its partnership and cooperation within local community that includes both government and private sectors.

The Center for Continuing Education and Community Partnership is established to provide expert support to research and community engagement as core activities at Gulf  University. This includes building research and community engagement capacity as well as sustaining excellence and critically reflecting on GU systems and procedures. The Directorate is responsible for planning, implementing and administering all activities related to research and community engagement at GU campus as well as in the community.

The mission of the Research Council is to develop and implement a research and community engagement strategy with a sound impact both on academia and community. The directorate provides support and resources to promote and enhance research and community engagement activities.

  1. Support research that focuses on growth of academic and socio-economic prosperity within the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. Develop effective partnership with local industry and labor market to conduct joint research.
  3. Promote and support research activities among GU staff.
  4. Provide opportunities to researchers to publish and share their research findings.
  5. Commit to develop cooperation within community that includes both government and private sectors through partnership agreements.
  6. Develop cooperation with community sectors through partnership agreements.
  7. Offer various workshops and training programs to enhance knowledge and skills of community members.