The College of Law at Gulf University (GU) provides an educational experience that prepares students and lifelong learners for the local and regional business environment. Students are expected to develop into leaders who can make noteworthy and viable contributions in their service to society through their chosen careers. The College has one department namely: Legal Studies that currently offer one undergraduate program, Bachelor of Law respectively.



The college aims to:

1. Provide the highest levels of quality education that meets the needs of the local and regional labor market.

2. Stimulate active learning environment to enhance collegiality, collaboration and independent learning.

3. Achieve excellence in teaching in order to encourage our students to be critical thinkers and decision makers and lifelong learners.

4. Support sound scientific research in various disciplines as Legal Studeis or Law.

5. Establish an effective relationship with industry and community.

6. Develop continually the educational programs facilities and learning resources.