Receiving a degree from a prestigious UK University while studying in Bahrain with options to complete one or two semesters in the UK campus is indeed exciting.

University of Northampton (UoN) is pleased to offer Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng (Hons) program in collaboration with Gulf University (GU) in Bahrain.

The program is a blend of theory and practice which provides you with knowledge, skills and attributes relevant to electrical and electronic engineering, design and simulation, computing and programing, control systems and embedded systems, as well as investigating sustainability and innovation within the
industry and business practice.

The program prepares you for a successful career, empowering you to drive the industry forward and make change for good in the engineering world. The program supports you to identify the skills acquired, build on your strengths and gain practical experience. 

• Hands on and experiential learning through state of the art labs and workshops

• Internship opportunity in industry

• Innovative teaching and learning pedagogy

• Virtual learning environment

• Supportive campus for all

• Accessing learning resources of UoN and GU databases

• High-school certificates (Science and Industrial branches only), and applied Technical or Industrial Institutes certificates, with a GPA of no less than 60%.

• Applicants must pass in placement tests, namely, Basic Engineering Mathematics, Basic Physics, Computer Skills, English Language Proficiency, or else they must enroll in relevant preparatory courses.

• Applicants with GPA less than 60% shall directly enroll in preparatory courses relevant to the program.

• Applicants will be exempted from English Language Proficiency test if s/he possesses: TOFEL (IBT 79 or PBT 550), IELTS (6.0), FCE (60%) or an equivalent.

• Applicants are required to go through an interview conducted by the Admission Committee.

• After completing the foundation year successfully, students will be eligible to proceed for the subsequent years.

The program creates opportunity for careers in a number of different sectors including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, IT and telecommunications, energy and utilities.

The graduates are contributing to following career opportunities in the field of Electrical & Electronic Engineering:

• Electrical engineer
• Electronics engineer
• Aerospace engineer
• Broadcast engineer
• Control and instrumentation engineer
• Design engineer
• IT consultant
• Network engineer
• Nuclear engineer
• Systems analyst

Our graduates are also encouraged to pursue postgraduate studies in Electrical & Electronic engineering or related field.