The department of Architectural and Interior Design Engineering was established in 2005. Currently the department offers a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design Engineering. With its technology oriented curriculum, the programme is committed to graduate professional interior designers ready to work in practice and pursue further postgrad studies in the field of interior design and related disciplines. Our graduates are empowered with the competences and attributes needed for the development of the profession and communities in Bahrain, the region and worldwide. Prospective students will be interested in art, design and engineering with an aim to develop their knowledge and skills. Students will develop their creative, critical and analytical skills and learn about being life-long learners to enter the profession of interior design and related industries.

The students will be engaged in design projects throughout their study progression reinforced by a wide range of supportive courses to develop their written, verbal, and visual communications skills.  In addition, they will establish a robust understanding of the functional, aesthetic and social roles of interior design. They will broaden and deepen their awareness of construction and rehabilitation technologies, buildings services, and professional regulations implemented in the design and practice of interior spaces and furniture.

Dr. Osama Y. Al-Rawi

Dean College of Engineering

Dr. Omar Blibech

Assistant Professor, PhD, FHEA-UK

Dr. Aseel AbdulSalam

Head of Architectural and Interior Design Engineering Department

Dr. Zuhair Al-Ani

Chief Operating Officer (COO)/Faculty Member

Dr. Ashraf Nadheer

Faculty Member

Mr. Ibrahim Reda

Director of Teaching Excellence and Technology Centre (TETC) / Lecturer in Interior Design Engineering Department

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1. Interior Design Engineering Program Second Department Industrial Advisory Board Meeting:

Interior Design Engineering Program has conducted second Department Industrial Advisory Board Meeting via Microsoft Teams during AY 2019-2020 to discuss program issues.

2. Site Visit:

The IDE students have visited Shiakh Ebrahim Centre for Culture and Research accompanied by Dr. Aseel Abdulsalam Al-ayash (HOD) and Dr. Anis Semlali. This site visit was within Refurbishment, Finishes and Furnishing and Passive and Active Environmental Design courses. It was useful trip as the students have an idea about the materials of traditional building and the integrated between past and modern design.

The goal of this trip was to give an opportunity for students to see the refurbishment of old building with new finishes in real life and observe the using passive methods in traditional building and how the structure of old residential spaces was and renovated in modern style.

Dr. Aseel Al-Ayash
Tuesday: 12:00pm to 01:30pm
Wednesday: 12:00pm to 01:30pm
Dr. Omar Blibech
Monday: 02:00pm to 04:00pm
Thursday: 11:00am to 02:00pm