Welcome to the College of Engineering in Gulf University. Gulf University was the first private university in the Kingdom of Bahrain that had an Engineering college which was established in 2003. Based on this fact, the College of Engineering in the Gulf University considers excellence as the vision and framework of its work and that is reflected on the three basic themes: education, learning and scientific research and community service, in accordance with the mission of the University.

The College of Engineering consists of two departments, the General science department and Architectural and Interior Design Engineering department, which offers a bachelor's degree programme in “Interior Design Engineering”. This programme includes a good number of modern laboratories and studios that serve the programme. It also has a distinguished academic faculty staff in terms of diversity of backgrounds and academic experience. Students in this college are required to take a range of courses such as; English, mathematics, physics, humanities as well as courses that concern with interior design, art and architecture. We encourage our students to take advantage of all services and other supports available at Gulf University. With a forward thinking attitude we realize that the engineers of future will require an interactive educational and social activity in order to succeed in a competitive environment, in addition to the traditional technical education.

This website has details of our academic programme, faculty and other exciting information about the College. Thank you for visiting the website, for any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Osama Y. Al-Rawi, Ph.D, MIEEE

Providing our students, through a continuous improvement process, with excellent education, analytical thinking skills and research that will prepare them for professional careers, promote life-long learning and serve the community.

Dr. Osama Y. Al-Rawi

Dean of College of engineering /acting head of General science department

Prof. Mouayed Aziz Hasan Al Taee

Director of Research and Community Engagement

Ibtesam AlHoutary


Dr. Wasseem Ahmed

Head of Department

Dr. Deena Howeidy

Assistant Professor

Dr. Aseel AbdulSalam

Assistant Professor

Dr. Meryem Fati

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Dulconombre Madrid