Current Position
Assistant Professor
Research Field of Interest
Assistant Professor
Accounting and Finance Sciences
Accounting and Finance Systems
Specialization (General)
Accounting and Auditing
Specialization (Specific)
Accounting and Auditing
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3. Academic Degree

Ph.D. (2006)

Accounting and Auditing

MSc. (2001)

Accounting and Auditing

B.Sc. (1999)

Accounting and Auditing

4. Recent Publications

1 - "Determinants of the effectiveness of the audit committee and the motives of   the executive management Committing accounting fraud"     magazine new horizons for business studies, twenty-first year - the first and     second number (January - April 2009)

2   " The role of internal audit in improving the performance of economic risk   management unit",  Trade and Finance Scientific Journal - Faculty of Commerce - Tanta University, Volume I - the second edition in 2013.


 Teaching and academic experience:

Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting at the Institute of Higher Ajmi Administrative Sciences part time                                               

*  -  Assistant Professor of Accounting and Auditing Department of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Sirte, Libya.

 *    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Administrative Sciences at the University of Dilmon for Science and Technology in Bahrain.

*  Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting Alexandria Academy for Management and Accounting in Alexandria

Professional Experience:

Senior Research Fellow at the Director General of the Customs Authority