Current Position
Associate Professor /Head of accounting and finance department
Research Field of Interest
Auditing, Financial Accounting
Associate Professor
Administrative business and financial science
Accounting and financial science
Specialization (General)
Specialization (Specific)
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3. Academic Degree:

PHD (2005)                        Accounting

Master (1999)

Accounting and Finance





4. Recent Publications:

  • Published research in the Arab Journal of Management – Egypt, entitled measure the degree of implementation of Internal Audit based on business risk in the banking sector in Jordan, 2007
  • Published research in the Journal of economic research and management – Algeria- Biskra, address the impact of the new amendments to the Income Tax Act No. 25 of 2001 on income tax in the Kingdom and its impact on the national level, 2006
  • Published research in the Arab Journal of Administrative Sciences - Beirut, entitled swap between financial benefit and ethical practice,2009
  • Published research Journal of Accounting, Management and Insurance University of Cairo - Egypt entitled the efficiency of internal control systems to adjust the sales (Case Study of the Jordanian industrial companies), 2011
  • Published research in the Arab Journal of Accounting - Egypt's Suez Canal University, entitled the impact of accounting information systems in administrative decision-making, "An Empirical Study on Commercial Banks of Jordan",2010
  • Published research in the Arab Journal of Accounting - Egypt's Suez Canal University, entitled the adoption of Assessors income tax and sales on the auditor's report: An Empirical Study on the estimated customer responsible for middle and large size, 2010
  • An acceptable publication research in the Journal of Research University of Taiz - Yemen entitled the role of accounting information systems to improve planning, control and performance evaluation in Amman hotels, 2007
  •   Published research in the Arab Journal of Management, Egypt. entitled” The Determinants of  the Timing of Revenue Recognition in the Jordanian Industrial Corporations

             (The Perception of Financial Mangers and External Auditors), 2012

  • Arbitrator research at the Social Audit and cultures, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik - Lebanon entitled. Measure the extent to which Jordanian auditors for the concept of social audit as part of the overall audit, 2009
  • Published research in the International research Journal of finance and economics – Europe, entitled “Constraints affecting the efficiency of mutual funds in the Saudi financial market, 2013
  • Published research in the European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences, entitled “The Impact of E-commerce on the Audit Profession in Jordan, 2013
  • The Effect of the Absence of the Application of the Mechanisms of Corporate Governance on the Internal auditing Efficiency to reduce Financial Corruption in the Jordanian Ministries. Published Research in Advances in Management & Applied Economics, vol. 5, no.4, 2015, 61-77 ISSN: 1792-7544 (print version), 1792-7552(online), UK.
  • The Tools of Corporate Governance and their impact on reducing the creative accounting practices in the Jordanian shareholding companies. (A field study on a selected group from Jordanian shareholding industrial companies), Quds Open University Journal for Management and Economic Research AND study, vol (1) Issue (3),2015
  • The Extent Of The application of the internal audit based on business risk in UAE Banks and the factors influencing it, Economic and Management Science, Issue 14 ,2014,Stif University, Algeria.
  •  The Determinants of the Timing of Revenue Recognition: Field study in Industrial Jordanian Companies, Arab Journal of Management – Egypt, vol (33) issue (2),2014
  • the effect of the sales tax in the reform of the tax system in Jordan, Journal of Research University of Taiz – Yemen,2013
  • The impact of audit in activating the principles of sustainable development       (Case Study in Petra Company-Jordan),Research Journal of Finance and                     Accounting,vol.6,no.19,2015



Teaching and academic experience:

  • Assistant professor ,Jarash Private University (9/2005 up to 9/2006)


  • Assistant professor, Zarka University (9/2006 up to 1/6/2011): Assistant professor.


  • Associate professor. Zarka  University (1/6/2011 up to  31/12/2011)


  • Associate professor. Abu Dhabi  University (1/1/2012 up to  15/8/2015)


  • Freelancer (15/8/2015 up to 20/9/2016)


  • Associate professor .Gulf University .Head of Accounting department (21/9/2016 up to now).


Professional Experience:

  • Arab Bank(1994-2005): variety positions include: teller, customer relationship officer, marketing officer, credit officer, budget analyst, branch service and sales manager(branch manager)