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Ph.D                                        :           ECONOMICS  SCIENCE (1991)

HIGH DIPLOMA                  :           FOREIGN POLICY FOR LATEEN AMERICA (1988)

B.Sc.                                       :           ACCOUNTING &BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (1976)


Professional Qualification   

TRA DIPLOMA                    :           Developed countries economics &statistics(Nederland)

Certificate                               :           FRANCE Language


Professional Membership:

  • Member in Iraqi Accountant and Auditors Association / 1976.
  • Member in Iraqi Economics Society / 1992.
  • Member in Cuba Economics Society / 1991
  • Member in lateen American and Caribbean (Mexico) Economics Society Number 2070/1991
  • Member in Studies and Economic Researches Center / Arab Community Union in lateen American (FEARAB AMERICA) /1991
  • Researches and Participant in Alternative Policies Studies Center/ Havana University – Cuba (1987 -1991)
  • Supervisor for Many Dissertation for Diploma and Masters Student in finance & investment.
  •  Chair Head of Audit and Control / Ministry of Planning / (1977-1980)
  • Chair Head of International Agreements and Investing / Ministry of Planning/ (1980-1986)
  • Lecturer in Economic and art Empirical Subject in Institute of Nationalism Studies / Ministry of Planning (1998-2000)
  • Teacher of International Economic Relationships and International


Teaching and Learning Statement:

I use the E-learning model of the (GU) and social media as virtual environment, AND ALSO I TAKE THE STUDENTS TO SCIENTIFIC VISITS TO COMPANIES AND FACTORS WITH A RELATIONSHIP TO SPECIALIZATION IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO LINK THE THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL ASPECTS [K,V1]. For supporting students, I guide them in many fields as, respond to students needs in my office hour to provide academic advising and I advise them on careers and job placement. Also supporting special need students [K1,V1,V2].


I have more than 25 years of diversified working experience in Teaching and Research in different universities and countries. During these various changes, I have learned to respect cultural variances and how to collaborate effectively with people from a variation of backgrounds, and with many diverse ideas. I am professor of economics and finance and proficient in curriculum development, classroom instruction and research accomplishments. Moreover, while me on the job experience has afforded me a accomplished skills set, including public speaking and diagnostic abilities, I excel at going above and beyond to make advancement in the field.



Research Interest      :

I am broadly interested in Economics and Financial Management. Currently I am involving in Islamic Banking, knowledge economics & information technology and Economic development and sustainability. My research agenda focuses on how to improve the economic growth of Kingdom of Bahrain in current changing scenario.


Selected publication:  

  1. "The impact of the global financial crisis on the economics of golf cooperation council countries (GCC .2010)..
  2. The feasibility of financing small &medium –size  enterprises in commercial banks in Bahrain (2010)" ",
  3. The role &importance of financial analysis in decision- making (2011).
  4. Cornerstone investment in economic development.
  5. Money laundering as one of the significant risks of financial globalization (2013)
  6. Knowledge economy based on economic social development in the (GCC) COUNTRIES (2013)

7. Study Presented in Cuban Committee Party for United Nations Titled (Energy Challenging in 21 Century) 1988.

8.Research Presented to Eighth Conference for Arab Community Union in lateen American/ Havana/ Cuba in 22-9-1988 Titled (the Effect of Arab Communities in Economic and Social Development in lateen America and Caribean)

9.Research About Negative and Positive of Merger Iraq To world Trade Organization (WTO) 1996

  1. .Research about Effect of International Organization Policies to Unifying Measurement (ISO) on Developed Countries Economics (1999Baghdad).

Many of Economic Petroleum Studies and Researches Presented to Petroleum Magazine/ Ministry of Petroleum

Other interest & Activities:

  • Reading
  • Playing Tennis
  • Social Networking
  • Travelling