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Associate Professor
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(+973) 17620092 ext. 431
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Research Field of Interest
Lean Accounting, Managerial Accounting
Associate Professor
Administrative & Financial Sciences
Accounting & Financial Sciences
Specialization (General)
Accounting and Finance
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Ph.D in Accounting Finance, Sakarya University, Turkey, 2007

Master (MSc) of Business Administration in English, Marmara University, Turkey, Specialization in Accounting and Finance, 1995

Bachelor (BSc.) of Business Administration in English, Marmara University, Specialization in Accounting and Finance, Turkey, 1990


Professional Membership:

- Member of Izmir CPA Chamber, Turkey


Teaching and Learning Statement:

Dr. Baki’s teaching and learning philosophy to educate students that makes them able to develop problem solving, teamwork, leadership and  communication skills. Students have to be actively engaged in the learning process. A typical class session starts with a summary of last class. Give enough time to student to follow him during class activities.  He is using updated  course materials and encourage students to raise questions and comments.  He is keen to use educational technologies like computer lab, mobile applications and multimedia tools which facilitates learning.

Work Experience:

Dr. Baki has experience as practitioner and academics many years. He started his career as Research Assistant in Sakarya University, Turkey, 1993. After two years, he became an instructor in Accounting. Besides his academic life, he appointed as Vice President of Educational Directorate of Sakarya CPA Chamber. In year 2000, he resigned from the university and worked as accountant, nearly 5 years domestic and international. He returned back to university life and graduate from doctoral program and started again one of the universities of Turkey as instructor in accounting. He worked 10 years as an Assistant Professor and retired in 2017. After 2017, he was employed as Associate Professor in Kuwaiti and Turkish Universities.

Research Interest:

Dr. Baki’s Ph.D thesis covered ‘Activity-Based Budgeting and an implementation in a manufacturing company’. His areas of research interest is not limited with Activity-Based Management issues, but also Lean manufacturing philosophy and its’ accounting is another research field for him.

Research Publication:

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Other interest & Activities:

Dr. Baki enjoys driving car, being with friends and doing outdoor activities.