The Bachelor of Accounting and financial systems Program within the Administrative and Financial Science College at Gulf University intends to attract students from various backgrounds. Prospective students will be interested in accounting with an aim to develop their knowledge and skills. Students will develop their creative, critical and analytical skills and learn about being life-long learners to enter the profession of accounting.

In today’s global economy, businesses need knowledgeable and ethical accounting professionals to guide them to success. Our student will learn how to construct financial, cost, tax, governmental and not-for- profit accounting reports, and because  of the expectation of the majors our students will be able to provide services in forecasting, financial planning and evaluation, and the creation and monitoring of new technologies.

As a result our graduates will be prepared to progress to sensitive management positions in business and industry, public accounting, and governmental units

The department aims to:
1. Provide high quality education in Accounting & Financial Sciences for the purposes of employability in the labor market. 
2. Provide the student with knowledge of Accounting theory and Finance. 
3. Attract students and maintain the academic standards to ensure quality. 
4. Encourage scientific research for students and faculty members.
5. Equip the student with the analytical, critical thinking, problem solving and communicative skills in a lifelong learning environment.

I. The applicant must have a high-school certificate or an equivalent according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

ii. The applicant’s high-school certificate or the certificate of an institute after the high-school must be accepted by the program , and the GPA must not be less than 60%. Otherwise, the applicant will be enrolled in a preparatory program that includes a number of prerequisite courses assigned by the relevant college.

iii. Applicants must sit for placement tests based on the programs they apply for, as follows:

  1. In English Language, Computer Skills and Mathematics

       (b) Applicants will be exempted from the        placement test in English Language if they have a valid acceptable grade in any of the following: TOEFL (550 PBT / 79 IBT), IELTS (6), FCE 60% or an equivalent.

       (c) Applicants will be exempted from the placement test in Computer Skills if they have an ICDL certificate.

     (d) Applicants transferred from similar programs will be exempted from placement tests provided that these programs have similar teaching language to that in GU, otherwise they will sit for placement test.

Formal Lecturing: Instructor shall describe and explain course content. In order to be effective

Discussions: allows students to interact with each other and with the instructor, to try out new ideas, to apply their knowledge to practical situations, to receive feedback and to learn from each other. In order for a discussion

Case Studies: allows students to see how theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice.

Role Play: allows students to practice skills and contribute to the development of attributes. They are often focused on roles that students will perform in the workplace

Small Group Tasks: allows students to work collaboratively in order to achieve completion. This may involve individuals taking on particular roles in the group.

Guest Speakers: provide specialist insights and expertise from outside Gulf University. They may be invited to share experience and insights from the professional world. 

After graduation our student will be able to work in following fields:

• industrial projects sector
• the corporate sector
• The construction sector - construction companies
•  banking and finance sector
• Insurance sector
• the services sector - hospitals, education, etc. ...
• Government sector
• offices, accounting firms and audit