The College of Administrative & Financial Sciences at Gulf University (GU) provides an educational experience that prepares students and lifelong learners for the local and regional business environment. Students are expected to develop into leaders who are able to make noteworthy and viable contributions in their service to society through their chosen careers. The College has three departments that currently offer three unique undergraduate programs.

Dear Students,

Allow me to welcome you to the Administrative and Financial Sciences, Gulf University.

You are about to start a new stage of your life, one that will bring many invaluable learning opportunities with it. You will be experiencing many insights and impressions and will no doubt strike up enduring friendships during your time with us. Most importantly of all, of course, you will be laying the foundation stone for your personal and career development.
We will provide you with the best possible learning environment to enable you to achieve your academic goals through a very sound academic program employing interactive teaching approach and research, and consistent quality assurance.

The high quality of our teaching is reflected in innovative courses, such as “Current Topics in Human resources Management, Accounting & Finance, and Communication & Public Relations which focuse on real-world industry and business scenarios. In addition to internships and graduation project which will all prepare you for the challenges that a local, regional economy brings with it.
Students learn from faculty whose academic research challenges conventional business wisdom and so-called common knowledge—who equip students with the tools of intellectual thought that allow them to leap forward in critical thinking and provide uncommon value to their careers, their companies and their communities.

We are dedicated to providing value to our students, and give back to our community in a variety of substantial ways. I invite you to engage with us, and I welcome any ideas, comments or thoughts you may have. 
I urge you to express high personal engagement. Work hand-in-hand with our teaching staff by preparing for lectures and classes ahead of time and carefully reviewing your notes afterwards. Please also make use of our academic support services, which include tutorials and E-learning activities. Our college’s teaching staff, administrative staff and also the student representative in student council – will be happy to talk to you, should you have any questions and suggestions. 
I always be here for every student, May I now take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for your studies.

With kind regards,

Prof.Nahed M. Matarid 


Developing students' knowledge, analytical thinking, scientific research skills, and commitment to community service as well as aspire them to lifelong learning in the areas related to administrative, accounting, financial sciences and communication & public relations.

The college aims to:
1. Achieve excellence in teaching in order to encourage our students to learn scientific and critical thinking.
2. Provide the highest levels of quality education that meets the needs of the local and regional market.
3.   Enhance the administrative and executive skills and the ability of students to problem solving and decision-making position to enter the labor market efficiently and effectively.
4.  Encourage scientific research in business field of Administrative sciences, Accounting and Communication & Public Relations.

Prof. Nahed Mohamed Matarid


Dr. Ahmed Tawalbeh

Head of Communications and Public Relations Department

Dr. Shafeeq Ahmed Ali

Assistant Professor, Accounting and Business Administration

Ms. Manju Rajan Babu


Dr. Yousef Salah

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ehab Nazmi

Associate Professor /Head of accounting and finance department

Dr. Baligh Ali Hasan Beshr

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rumpa Roy

Assistant Professor

Dr. Abdulla AlTaher

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sherif Badran

Associate Professor

Dr. Saber Harish

Associate Professor and Head of Department

Dr. Mahmoud AlZgool

Assistant Professor

Dr. Umair Ahmed

Assistant Professor