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Chair of University Research Council
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Research Field of Interest
Mechanical Engineering (Thermodynamics and Thermal Power), Laser Systems Design, Industrial and Medical Applications of Lasers
Mechanical Engineering
Specialization (General)
Thermal Power
Specialization (Specific)
Thermodynamics of Gas Lasers
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Ph.D  in Mechanical Engineering (Thermodynamics) from Glasgow University, UK, 1989

Master: in Mechanical Engineering (Power Plants and Energy Related Studies) from University of Liverpool, UK, 1985

Post studies: -

B.Sc.: in Mechanical Engineering from University of Mosul, Iraq, 1976

Professional Membership:

  • Senior Fellow - Advance Higher Education Academy, UK.
  • Member of Iraqi Society of Engineers.
  • Member of Iraqi Laser Society.
  • Member of Egyptian Society of Industrial Applications of Lasers.

Teaching and Learning Statement:

Most important in teaching is how to deliver knowledge to students and build their understanding, how to develop their critical thinking skills, and how to encourage their motivation. It is important for students to learn and understand the principles related to subject area in the discipline through different ways, such as introducing a new concept, helping them learn how to apply it and how to relate it to their actual environment.

Also, as the class is a diverse group of students with different levels of ability and experience, I believe it is important to show them that I am not only interested in teaching them but I do care about their strengths, difficulties and needs; I do appreciate and appraise their strengths and skills.

Moreover, students need to sense the excitement of the curriculum, feel inspiration to challenge and ask questions. Consequently, I create dynamic environment while delivering each lecture,

It is important for me to ensure that my students shall receive prompt feedback on their coursework and achievements, and to ask them to provide me with their counter feedback on the effectiveness of my original feedback.


With three decades of work in Higher Education, including five years of experience as Head of academic department, three years of experience as Dean of College of Engineering and 2 years of experience as University President, I have extensive experience in academic and leadership areas. For years the pursuit of professional development in teaching and academic leadership has been continuing through attending and presenting many workshops on different pedagogical issues such as ‘Developing Innovative Teaching, Learning and Assessment Methods in Higher Education’-(Oct. 2012), ‘The UK Professional Standards Framework  for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education’- (Nov. 2013), ‘Closing the Gap between Academia and the Real World’-(Jan. 2014) and many more.

Research Interest:

My research interests span the areas of thermal power; in particular it focus on laser systems and their applications. A laser system, in principle, is some sort of energy conversion system. The manipulation of energy form is the heart of the subject. However, lasers cover besides mechanical engineering other field such as physics, electronics and control engineering.

My research interest has been influenced by a variety of factors: the colleagues I have worked with over the past two decades, the initial subjects I was introduced to, and my later experience.

The major part of my research activities is toward applied research in the areas of interest, that served the discipline and the community in general. Moreover, I have been involved in continuous collaborative research work and projects with researchers from other Universities and Research Centers in Egypt and Morocco, with the focus on nanomaterials, technology and its applications.

Selected publication:  

  • “Biological Application of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Technique for Determination of Trace Elements in Hair”, Talanta ( ELSEVIER 2013), Vol. 117,  December 2013, pp. 176-183.
  • ” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): it begins with Studenthood at Higher Education Institutions”, Proceedings of 10th Annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI2017), Seville (Spain), PP 7639-7649, 16-18 November, 2017.
  • “Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Cast ZA-27 Treated with addition of Nano- Zinc Oxide”, International Conference on Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials (IC2NAM-2018), 13-14 October , 2018, Brussels (Belgium).

Other interest & Activities: paragraph in brief (100 to 150 words) about serving the community, diversity, environment, nature, travel, culture, etc.

When it comes to community engagement, I have delivered a wide range of courses, seminars, and workshops over years to different sectors in the community. At the same time, my research activities are devoted mainly for applied research to serve the industry and community in general.

My other interests are mainly in travel, exploring nature, and exposed to different cultures worldwide.