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Administration and Development
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The faculty of managerial and financial sciences
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Administration and Development
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Human Resource Management Strategies
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Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor in Management and Development - Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences Abdul Malik Saadi University - Kingdom of Morocco 2014.
  • Master in Management and Development - Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences Abdul Malik Al Saadi University - Kingdom of Morocco 2008.
  • Bachelor of Administrative Sciences - Business Administration - Dhamar University - Yemen 2002

Professional Membership

- Member of the Arab Union for Human Development and Investment (member of the Supreme Advisory Committee of the Union)

- Member of the Association of Arab Trainers

- Member of the Association of Excellence and Academic Research in Bahrain

- Member of Bahrain Society for Training and Human Resources Development

- Member of the International Federation for the Development of Human Resources

- Member of the Arab Association for Public Administration, Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences, Egypt. Membership number 003351 for the year 2017.

- Member of the General Assembly of Organization, Management and Development, Egypt, No. 176.2017

- Member and writer in the Journal of Law and Administrative Sciences for Development, Morocco 2012.

- Certificate of British Fellowship from the Academy of Higher Education in Britain, 8-10-2018.

- Accredited Trainer Training of Trainers TOT (International Academy of Training and International Federation for Human Resources Development Kingdom of Bahrain, approved by the Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Bahrain October 2017.

- Certified Trainer Training of Trainers (TOT) (Human Resources Development Center, Al-Cairo Governorate, Arab Center for Development, Training and Consultancy, Egypt, August 2017.

- Lecturer, author and presenter of specialized workshops at the General Secretariat of the Union of Chambers of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the field of human resources management and management of international organizations, and administrative contracts 2015-2014.

Teaching and Learning

Dr. Baligh's approach is more about encouraging students to awaken their curiosity and their desire to learn in the classroom before the learning process. It uses a range of learning tools to inspire, share, and feel fun in the classroom. This includes using video and case studies. The educational reality relates to academic reality, brainstorming, innovation and creative ideas. It also uses self-learning through the use of mental maps to allow students to focus on exploring an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest and learning about themselves. And the use of technology and scientific  research in the classroom.

Experience in the academic and industry

Academic experience and university teaching

- Assistant Professor and President of the Center for Continuing Education and Community Partnership at the Gulf University 2018-2019.

- Head of the Department of Administrative Sciences at the Gulf University Kingdom of Bahrain Academic Year 2016-2017 and Academic Year 2017-2018

- Lecture (Partial System) at the University of Applied University, 2014-2015, 2015-2016

- Lecturer (Partial System) University of Bahrain Second semester of the academic year 2015-2016

- Lecturer at King Abdul-Malik Al-Saadi University, Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences, Kingdom of Morocco, Training and Research Unit in Management from 2010 to 2013 for Human Resources Management and Development Management.

-Industrial expertise

- Administrative Affairs and Human Resources Manager at Zamil International Company for General Trading and Contracting, Kingdom of Bahrain from August 2014 until August 2016.

- Administrative Affairs Specialist for Injaz Company for Import and Export, Morocco Tangier, 2011.

- Sales Supervisor at Hael Saeed Trading Company - Direct Distribution Section - Sana'a, Yemen, Period 2-2-2003 until 6-7-2004.



Research Interest

Dr. Baligh has more than 15 scientific researches distributed to more than one scientific journal and the site of Electrote, in the field of public administration, governance and administrative reform, administrative corruption and administrative development, administrative governance, and strategic management of human resources in the public and private sectors. Government sector.




- Research published in the European Journal of Management, Escobes classification, role of human resource management practices in achieving job satisfaction in the educational sector 2019.

- Research published in the Journal of Security and Internal Zones of the Kingdom of Bahrain, entitled Supreme Control of Public Finances and their Bodies in the Comparative System, No. 42, 11th-July, 2018.

- Research published in the Journal of Security, Ministry of the Interior Kingdom of Bahrain, entitled the problem of administrative corruption and the need to address them, No. 40 - the tenth year - January 2018.

- Participation in a working paper entitled: The reality of training and the requirements of human development in Bahrain, International Conference Modern trends of training and education using the overall quality to achieve international standards, 2 November to 4 November 2017 Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

- Research published in the Commercial Journal, Faculty of Commerce, Sohag University, Egypt, entitled Administrative Corruption and its Impact on Development (An Empirical Study on Some Arab Countries).

- Certificate of attendance and shield participation in the 7th International Forum for Professional Training and the first Arab Forum for Training Standards, from the Academy of Development Experts, International Training Standards Institute, Arab Center for Training and Human Development, Sharm El-Sheikh, 19/8/2017 until 24/8/2018.

- Shield of a seminar entitled: Challenges of Bahraini youth in the labor market, Youth professions association in partnership with the Bahraini Ministry of Labor, 9 November 2017.



Published Scientific Books

• Strategic Management of Human Resources in Public Facilities, Arab Studies and Studies House, Egypt, August 2018.

• The position and the civil servant in the Civil Service Law - From the Legal Approach to Governance Comparative Study, The Arab Book and Studies House, Egypt, August 2018

• Strategic Management of Human Resources and its Role in the Administrative Development of the Administrative System of the State, Arab Studies and Studies House, Arab Republic of Egypt, August 2018.

Other interest & Activities

Dr. Baligh Bishr cares about community issues and is inspired by the development of the abilities and competencies of the members of the community. He cares about team spirit and is capable of working in different environments and different capacities. Dr. Baligh has interests in volunteering and participating in cultural and social activities. He also enjoys reading, watching scientific and natural channels, watching football, playing football, swimming and mental games.