Gulf University has been founded based on a strong vision to ensure that it will offer high quality education and provide graduates with strong intellectual and social foundations, thus helping our graduates to live as full contributors and compassionate members of a global society. Gulf University aims to establish itself as a distinguished higher education provider that will appeal to international, Bahraini and GCC students who prefer to be educated in a cultural environment, which is acceptable to parents and students alike.

The foundation of Gulf University (GU) has been based on a strong vision to ensure that it will offer high quality education and provide graduates with strong intellectual and social foundations, thus ensuring they live as full contributors and compassionate members of a global society. 

Gulf University aims to establish itself as a distinguished provider of higher education that will appeal to international, Bahraini and GCC students who prefer to be educated in a cultural environment acceptable to parents, students and labor market alike.

The official registration of GU with the Ministry of Education for its scheduled academic programs was effective from September 21st, 2002; on the basis of his highness’s the prime minister’s cabinet decree number 1649-03 issued on the 2nd of September, 2001.

Gulf University, a private institution in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is keen to provide continuous developed higher education that nurtures students’ attributes towards critical thinking, life-long and reflective learning. GU also encourages research activities with a sound impact both in academia and practice. GU’s stimulating environment supports its highly skilled staff and graduates to compete in increasing socio-economic challenges and engage in the development of Bahraini community and beyond

Gulf University aims to be a distinguished higher education institution in Bahrain and abroad; for its competitive graduates, impressive research and enthusiastic contribution to communities’ growth.

CV1: Excellence                                               CV4: Collaboration

CV2: Continuous Development                       CV5: Creativity

CV3: Diversity                                                    CV6: Sustainability


GA1: Knowledgeable in Their Disciplines        
GA2: Professional Applicators of Technologies    
GA3: Effective Communicators        
GA4: Collaborators and leaders        
GA5: Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers
GA6: Lifelong learners with Adaptability
GA7: Responsible & Ethical Towards Society & Environment
GA8: Reflective learners and Initiators



GULF University, founded in 2001, is a leading institution of higher learning that continuously works to cultivate intellectual excellence fostering a spirit of self-reliance and self-respect. The University has opened up a new horizon in scholarly endeavor and has contributed significantly towards global community.

Gulf University has much to be proud of: experienced and adept faculty and staff; diverse student body; and a vibrant network of community that recognizes our campus as a vital academic, economic, and cultural resource for the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Student success is our focal point. We believe that education is the heart to any society. Therefore, building a solid citizenship amongst our students would shape a better tomorrow for our country and the world from a holistic approach. Our highly qualified faculty and staff are dedicated to offering programs that equip students’ reach their individual aspirations and stay attuned to social needs. We seek opportunities in and out of the classroom for students, faculty and staff to work, learn, collaborate, and promote a student-centered conducive environment. 
Effective communication with faculty, staff, students, community partners, problem-solving management, and an unwavering focus on what is best for our students are the key driving principles of my leadership role as the Chairperson. Based on that, I look forward to continuing my engagement with campus constituents to expand the University’s intellectual stand and critical thinking as well as the creative horizons to make Bahrain and the world a better place.

Dr. Mona Al-Zayani


Dr. Mona Rashid Al-Zayani


Dr. Zeyad Abdulrazzaq Aswad


Dr. Qasim Omar Aradati


Mr. Abdulrahim Hassan Naqi


Mr. Adnan Abdulla Albassam


Mr. Ahmed Abdulkarim Bucheeri


Dr. Emad Abdulla Taqi


Dr. Fares Hawari


Dr. Mohanad Al-Mashhadani


GU President – member

The Board of Trustees shall have the duties and the authority to carry them out as outlined in these bylaws to serve the University to realize its goals and to keep its integrity. These include the following:

•Review and approve the mission and goals of the University.

•Nominate the President for appointment by the Higher Education Council, upon the recommendation of the Directors.

•Give support to the President of the University and assess the President's annual performance.

•Review the Annual Report of the University activities presented by the President.

•Review and approve proposals of initiating new colleges and academic departments.

•Review and approve proposals of initiating of new programs, of merging or cancelling existing programs and of major changes in the academic programs.

•Approve honorary degrees.

•Approve the annual budget submitted by the President and pre-approved by the Board of Directors, and any changes in the fees structure.

•Monitor the financial status of the University and solicit financial support for the University.

•Accept gifts and donations on behalf of the University.

•Approve long range/strategic plans of the University.

•Approve the cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding of the university with other universities and academic institutions.

•Review and approve proposals of University guidelines, regulations, bylaws and policies and amendments to such.

The University Council is headed by the president of the university and has the following in its membership:

  • VP Academic
  • Deans of Colleges
  • Director of Research and Community Engagement Directorate
  • Director of Quality Assurance and Development Center
  • Head of Student Services Unit
  • Head of Admission and Registration Unit
  • Representative of Faculty Members
  • Secretary of University Council
  • President of the Student Council

Dr. Mohanad Al-Mashhadani


Dr. Hesham Al-Marsafawy

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Prof. Nahed Matarid

Dean college of Administrative and Financial Sciences member

Dr. Osama Al-Rawi

Dean college of engineering member

Ms. Baraa Al-Samarai

Head of Admissions and Registration member

Mr. Ahmed Almusaifer

President of Student Council

Dr. Baligh Ali Hasan Beshr

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rumpa Roy

Director, Quality Assurance and Development Center

Prof. Mouayed Aziz Hasan Al Taee

Chair of University Research Council

Ms. Intisar Ali Al Kurdi

Assistant Professor

Sudhar Yrn


It is my pleasure and honor to greet you as the president of Gulf University. Gulf University was established in 2001 with a mission to build a culture based on quality education and preparing lifelong learners.

Gulf University enjoys a solid relationship with the Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Council built on understanding and cooperation with the aim to nurture education across the Kingdom. We honor and value this relationship and especially the continuous support we receive from both the ministry and the council on all levels.

Gulf University offers a unique opportunity for students who are both ready for a challenge and excited about the future. We, faculty and staff, at Gulf University strive to provide excellence in teaching and providing campus services to our students and in preparing them to become future successful career leaders in life. As higher education institutions we have a further duty in promoting ennoble humanity. We solely believe it is equally important that students preserve their heritage, values, and beliefs to serve as good citizens.

Gulf University continuously supports research and emphasizes on scholarship and culture to deliver excellence in teaching. We are committed in ensuring that each faculty member is encouraged to rise midst his/her peers within a chosen discipline. Our faculty members are highly engaged in continuous professional development and bring forward their new knowledge to our students.

When you study at Gulf University we are confident you will be inspired by what is experienced daily; brilliant faculty and staff dedicated and committed to educate and service students. Our people make our university special.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Gulf University. Please explore our website or call the admissions department to get all the information related to your needs. I encourage you to visit our campus and meet our faculty, staff, and students and experience first-hand our friendly and welcoming environment.


Dr. Mohanad Al-Mashhadani

Organizational structure aligns and relates parts of an organization, so it can achieve its maximum performance. The structure chosen affects an organization's success in carrying out its strategy and objectives. Leadership should understand the characteristics, benefits and limitations of various organizational structures to assist in this strategic alignment.

GU's committee structure is the mechanism that makes the university run. Through this structure, members formulate policy, develop procedures, and direct Society activities.

Decisions made by the Board of Directors are based on the recommendations of committees. Because of this, the Board of Directors is only as effective and efficient as the university committees.

New ideas and new programs are usually initiated in committees, which also serve as management training centers for future university leaders.

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