Current Position: Faculty Member
Email Address:
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Architectural and Interior Design Engineering
Specialization (General): Architecture engineering, Building Technology & Techniques
Specialization (Specific): Architecture Design, Advanced Composite Materials, Sustainable Development, Construction System


    • Ph.D. in Civil and Building Engineering, Sherbrooke University, Canada
    • Master of Architectural Engineering, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
    • Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

Professional Membership

    • FHEA: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
    • Egyptian Engineers Syndicate.
    • Bahrain Society of Engineers.

Teaching & Learning Statement

I’m teaching all courses related to architecture and build environment’ domain in Architectural and Interior Design Engineering department such Basic design studio, interior construction and materials, architecture drawing and drafting building codes and regulations, interiofi2nnishing and refurbishment, graduation project internship and design research and methods. My teaching philosophy is based on the theory and design concepts that students must participate practically in the education process by doing instead of listening as a hands-on project. This helps improve their retention of subjects and expand their set of skills by applying their new knowledge to different design solutions. Students should always build bridges of interdisciplinary knowledge between information learned in different courses to understand critically the deeper interpretation of the basic design concepts and to strengthen the sense of relevance. I understand that the entire engineering disciplinary curriculum is a continuous integrated spectrum, one complete the other not isolated entities of information.


I had been Graduated from Architectural Enennirnging as the first student in my group, I got hired at the university as an assistant lecturer and continued practicing my Carrere in the consultant design office for six years. I gained my experience teaching after obtaining my master’s degree. I had the opportunity to complete my Ph.D. in Canada during this program I was in contact with an industrial partner that supplying advanced composite materials and to be tested in the structural laboratory as a part of my Ph.D. program. The industrial partner considers the results of research is very valuable for them to develop their product in the field of construction discipline. The industrial experience had increased when I was granted a scholarship to work as a postdoctoral researcher then as an assistant researcher in the building and civil engineering department- Canada. Moreover, I had a position as an insistent professor at the Department of Engineering and Construction Management at East Carolina University/USA where I was able to deliver courses related to project and construction management. My current position at Gulf University as a teaching assistant professor and very related to building construction and materials where I can transfer both my international research, industrial and academic expériences to the students.

Research Interest

My research interest focuses on smart building materials for energy efficiency, sustainable design, developing advanced composite material for the architecture application, Construction systems and technology innovation and software simulation in designing nurture and artificial lighting for better vision comfort in the indoor environment.

Selected Publication

    • Dr. Hesham M. Elmarsafawy, Dr. Omar Blibech, Dr. Hend Elzefzafy, Dr. Aseel A. Al-Ayash, Ibrahim, Reda, “Project-Based Learning by Experimental-Based Learning: Efficient Hand-on Practice in Interior Design Engineering Education”, accepted in 13th annual Conference on Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI 2020), 9-11 Nov. 2020, Seville, Spain.
    • El Zefzafy, Mohamed, H., and Masmoudi, R. (2010) “Freeze-Thaw Cycling Effect on the Mechanical Behavior of Filament Wound FRP Tubes.” Int. J. Microstructure and Materials Properties, Tunis, Vol. 7, No. 5, 2012, pp. 439-459.
    • El Zefzafy, H., Mohamed, H., and Masmoudi, R. (2008) “Evaluation Effects of the short and Long-Term Freeze-Thaw Exposure on the Axial Behavior of Concrete Filled Fiber-Reinforced- Polymer Tubes.” Journal of Engineering.
    • El Zefzafy, H., Mohamed, H., and Masmoudi, R. (2017), “Effect of Freeze-Thaw Cycling on The Behaviour of Concrete-Filled FRP Tube Cylinders.” CDCC 2017, The Fifth International Conference on Durability & Sustainability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Construction and Rehabilitation, proceedings on CD-ROM, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, 20 to 22 July, 6p.
    • Mohamed, H., El Zefzafy., H and Masmoudi, R. (2009) “Strength and Ductility of CFFT Beams Reinforced with Steel / GFRP Rebars” 9th International Symposium on Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures, proceedings on CD-Rom, Sydney, Australia, Monday 13 – Wednesday 15 July, 4p.

Other Interest & Activities

    • Training For Professional Development.
    • Community Engagement Activities, Voluntary In Social Organization.
    • Traveling And Adventure.