Current Position: Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Email Address:
Title: Assistant Professor
College: Communication and Media Technologies
Department: Media and Public Relations
Specialization (General): Sciences and Technologies of Design
Specialization (Specific): Image Design


    • PHD in Sciences and Technologies of Design/ Image Design. Mannouba University, Tunisia, 2013.
    • Master in Science and Art Technologies/ Art and Communication. Carthage University, Tunisia, 2007.
    • Bachelor in Art and Communication/ Audiovisual Design. Carthage University, Tunisia, 2005.

Professional Membership

    • Member of Tunisian Film Directors Association.
    • Member of the editorial board of the scientific journal Afaq / University of Oran Ahmed Ben Bella, Algeria.

Teaching & Learning Statement

My professional teaching experience extends for more than 15 years. In fact, I’ve taught a number of subjects in different universities in various topics such as graphics, multimedia, communication, cinematography, and television. Such an experience has given me the opportunity to vary my teaching methodologies and incorporate modern technologies in order to achieve practical knowledge in parallel with the theoretical framework according to the teaching plan. I have used a big number of graphic programs like Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign along with my knowledge of digital production and media Software so as to contribute to the student formation and include the artistic taste in the communication and multimedia fields.


I have worked in the field of graphics and multimedia in a number of public and private universities since 2006 starting from Higher College for Multimedia Arts in Manouba, Graphic Designer Department. Then Higher institute for Arts and Crafts, Image Design Department; the higher audio-visual and Cinematography School of Carthage University, in addition to my MA professional teaching experience in Media and Science News institute in Tunis. Having the same experience at the Sultanate of Oman has also enriched my professional experience. Furthermore, I have conducted a number of training workshops and the Jury Committee in Bahrain during the Radio and Television Gulf Festival in addition to supervising some graphic designer workshops in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania. This experience in such numerous and various fields has enabled me to explore, use, experience, and invest my knowledge of both practical and theoretical, especially, in the field of art, communication and audio-visual.

Research Interest

The main stream of research looks basically at art and communication and from this originates the issue of identity and the relationship of the image with the society linked to the fields of science technology, designing, audio-visual and cinematography.

Selected Publication

    • Snoussi T, Korbi W (2021) Cyber anti-Hate speech during the Covid-19 pandemic: Semiotic Analysis, Asian ESP Journal, Vol. 17, Issue 4.2, May 2021 (Scopus, Q1 publication) ISSN: 2206 – 0979.
    • Korbi W, Documentary Film: Aesthetics and Semantics, South Forum magazine, Morocco, 2020.
    • Korbi W, The vision of Arab cinemas: the limits of experience and the contexts of defeat, The cinematic, 2017.
    • Korbi W, Documentary film in a digital age: the cultural and the new space, Arts Magazine of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Preservation, Tunisia, 2016.
    • Korbi W, Image functions in the Maghreb cinema, Immouzer Magazine, Morocco, 2014.
    • Korbi W, Documentary film: Creative discourse and experimentation, Arab House of Sciences Publishers – Lebanon, 2014  BIM-587251
    • Korbi W, Semiotics of visual and aesthetics imagination, Tunisian Screen Magazine, Tunisia 2013.


    • Korbi W, Tunisian cinema identity, Net Impression publisher, Morocco, 2020.

Other Interest & Activities

In addition to graphic design and digital production, I have had some international participations in cinematography festivals through the production and realization of movies and script imagining.