Current Position: Assistant Professor
Email Address:
Research Field of Interest: Audio-Visual Media Sosio-Economy
Title: Assistant Professor
College: Communication and Media Technologies
Department: Media and Public Relations
Specialization (General): Sciences of Information and Communication
Specialization (Specific): Audio-Visual Media


    • Ph.D. in Sciences of Information and Communication, Audio-visual media audience measurement, Institute of Press and Sciences of Information, Tunisia, 2020
    • Master in Sciences of Information and Communication, Institute of Press and Sciences of Information, Tunisia, 2006
    • Master Specialized in Information and Communication Technologies, Institute of Press and Sciences of Information, Tunisia, 2003
    • Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences, Corporate Communication Specialty, Institute of Press and Sciences of Information, Tunisia, 2001
    • Baccalaureate Diploma, Mathematics Baccalaureate, Sfax, Tunisia, 1997

Professional Membership

    • 2020-2022: Chief Journalist, Tunisian Radio Establishment
    • 2010-2020: Senior Reporter, Information Desk, Tunisian Radio Establishment, Sfax Radio and Cultural Radio
    • 1997-2009: Radio programs’ producer and presenter, Tunisian Radio Establishment, Sfax Radio

Teaching & Learning Statement

I associate my professional experience in the Tunisia Radio Establishment (Public Media) to my academic knowledge, in order to present an applied courses to my students that help them to be more integrated in the media field and to success their careers. So that, I’m not only a teacher in the classroom, but I’m also a journalist who writes and presents news and programs in studio. I’s my way to show to students how to be a real journalist. In fact, journalism is not only a theorical knowledge, but it is also an opinion, an attitude, a management of time, a resolotion of problems, a decision, …, and teacher have to teach all of these competences to students.


I have an experience of 8 years in the academic field.

In fact, I teached in the Institute of Press and Sciences of Information in Tunisia (La Manouba Rectorate) from 2014 to 2022. I presented different courses related to “Radio Journalism” to the students of the Basic Licence in Information and Communication Sciences, the Licence Applied in Journalism, the Professional Master in Audio-Visual Communication, and the Professional Master in Investigative Journalism.

I worked as Higher Education Assistant in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Sfax (Sfax Rectorate) from 2017 to 2019, and I teached the “Digital Media Economy” to the students of the second year of the Professional Cross Media Master.

I have an other experience in teaching “Communication Techniques” in the National School of Engineers (El Manar Rectorate) from 2014 to 2016, to the students of the second year of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering.

Research Interest

I concentrate my actual researches in the audio-visual socio-economic field. So that, I’m interested in some topics related to media strategies, media industry, media marketing, socio-economic media models, media audience measurement.

Selected Publication

    • “New Media Audience in the Artificial Intelligence Age”, Bahrein, October 2022.
    • “The socio-economic model of cultural radio media in Tunisia in the digital platforms’ era”, Algeria, May 2022.
    • “What about confidence in media audience measurement today in Tunisia? “, Tunisia, February
    • “Audio-Visual Media Audience Measurement: Between Valuing Media and Marginalizing Audience – A Critical Approach to Information Literacy”, Morocco, November 2021.


Audio-visual media audience measurement in the world (in progress).

Other Interest & Activities

I’m interested in the Bio-Energy field, and I’m a coach and trainer. I like camping and gardening, and it’s a source for me to develop my competences in human communication. I do Yoga Sport and it inspires me be more creative, productive and dynamic.