Current Position: Faculty member
Email Address:
Research Field of Interest: Film Study & History, Media Production, International media directed in Arabic, and the role of media in the society
Title: Assistant Professor
College: College of Communication & Media Technologies
Department: Mass Communication & Public Relations
Specialization (General): Mass Communication
Specialization (Specific): Radio & Television


    • Ph.D. In Media, Radio & Television Dept. Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, Egypt (2018)
    • Masters’ degree in Film & Media Studies, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Arizona State University, U.S (2010)
    • Bachelor’s degree in, Video Editing & Photography, Visual Arts Dept. Faculty of Arts & Media, University of Tripoli (Formerly Al Fateh University), Libya (2006)

Professional Membership

    • A Former Members of the Quality Assurance Committee at the College of Arts and Media, University of Tripoli

Teaching & Learning Statement

Since my academic experience in teaching extends for more than 6 years, teaching has become an essential part of my life. Throughout this period of time, I taught several courses using a variety of educational methods, and implementing different teaching strategies to ensure highquality learning outcomes, and to provide students with all practical skills and theoretical knowledge in order to be well qualified in line with the requirements of the global labor market and to build a successful career in the field of specialization.


My teaching experience began in 2006, when I was appointed as a teaching assistant in the college of Arts & Media at the University of Tripoli. Since the beginning, I have found teaching to be an important part of my learning experience, so I spent more than two years in the position before moving to the U.S where I started my Masters’ degree.

In 2010, and after getting my masters’ degree, specializing in (Film and Media Studies) from Arizona State University, I started working as an Assistant Lecturer at University of Tripoli. A few years later, and specifically in 2014, I started my Ph.D. journey at the Faculty of mass communication, Cairo University, Egypt, where I spent four years during which I was able to deepen my experience in the field of media research.

Upon receiving my Ph.D. degree in Media, Radio & Television Department, back in 2018, I joined once again the University of Tripoli from January 2019 to June 2022.  During this period of time, I headed the Photography & Video Editing program, Department of Visual Art, Faculty of Arts & Media, taught a number of specialized courses such as (Video editing, Short Film production, Videography, Photography, Studio Lighting, Documentary Films, Film Analysis, Film History), conducted several practical workshops within the department to raise the level of students’ practical abilities, and made many proposals to contribute to the development of the department and raise its efficiency.

Research Interest

My research interests lie in the area of, Film Study & History, Media Production, International media directed in Arabic, and the role of media in the society. 

Selected Publication

    • The Reality of the Libyan Media & its Development Stages (1969 – 2015), Scientific Journal of Radio and Television Research, Cairo University 2017

    • The Impact of International Satellite Channels in Arabic on the Attitudes of the Libyan Public Opinion towards the Repercussions of the Libyan Revolution Events 2011, Scientific Journal of Radio and Television Research, Cairo University 2017

Other Interest & Activities

I am interested in reading about Film History, Photography, Videography, Video Editing using (Adobe Premiere pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve Software), traveling, learning about new Cultures, and Playing Football.