Current Position: Assistant Professor – Head of the Examination Committee
Office Number: 17620092-359
Email Address:
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Media and Public Relations


    • Ph.D. in Media/ Online Journalism, Faculty of Arts, South Valley University, Egypt. 2018.
    • Master’s in media/ Online Journalism, Faculty of Arts, South Valley University, Egypt. 2015.
    • B.Sc. in media/ Journalism, Faculty of Arts, South Valley University, Egypt. 2009.

Professional Membership

    • Fellow UK Higher Education Academy.

Teaching & Learning Statement

Dr. Abdulla’s philosophy in teaching and learning is to encourage students to participate, interact, and compete in the classroom, using multiple ideas such as creating workgroups and asking questions and ideas that raise minds. He helps students to think and create and always relies on linking the course to reality using practical applications within the classroom. Dr. Abdulla relies on various forms of technology available and possible to provide information and acquire skills in multiple ways. He is approached to instill a spirit of honest competition among students by assigning them to real field works and assigning, evaluating, and comparing their practical work to achieve the most significant possible benefit for all. He always relied on field visits to media institutions to connect students with practical impact and break the challenges of face reality.


I am a specialist in media and communication technology. I have been worked as an academic and professional since 2011. Also, I worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of New Media, Faculty of Media and Communication Technology, Egypt. I was appointed a lecturer in new media in 2015. I was appointed as an assistant professor in News web design in 2018. I am still working as an assistant professor at the Media and Public Relations Dept at Gulf University since January 2019 up to Now.

I have been worked in Many Newspapers as a writer, editor, website designer, and multimedia producer. I obtained many workshops such as learning and education, Communication skills, Communication technology, quality assurance, and modern teaching methods. I was a member of the New media program Design Committee in the Faculty of mass communication and Communication Technology in Egypt.

Research Interest

My general research interest in Media studies, particularly new media. I’m interested in website design especially the studies of eye-tracking. My research also focuses on the impact of colors on the behavior of users.

Selected Publication

    • News Web Design … The Vision … The Approach … Al-Qiyas on Dar Al-Arabi Publishing 2019.
    • Abdulla Abdulrahim, Sherif A. Badran “Media treatment of the issues of terrorism in television news sites (An analytical study)” Magazine Bouhouth- SCR London, Vol 38. Dec 2020 (
    • Abdulla Abdulrahim, “The effect of perspective vision on the perception of static and moving images in Arab tourism websites, a “quasi-experimental study” … published in the First International Conference of the Faculty of Media Communication Technology – South Valley University in Qena – Tourism Media in Community Service 2017.
    • Abdulla Abdulrahim “The effect of the exposure of the youth in the Gulf region to the content of violence portrayed in foreign movies broadcasted through satellite channels” accepted for publication in Volume 2 Issue 1 of  the International Journal of Media and Mass Communication, July 1st, 2020.
    • Abdulla Abdulrahim “Visual orientation and its impact on the perception of news content in press websites. Quasi-experimental study” Article 9, Volume 54, 54-C6, Summer 2020, Page 4091-4136, 10.21608 / JSB.2020.110291.
    • Abdulla Abdulrahim, “Contextual analysis of the persuasive systems used in designing content related to Coronavirus (Covid-19) in news websites- a comparative analytical study”. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Studies: Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Jordan, 2020.