GU has identified the priority activities for community engagement which are manifested in the following 6 areas:

1. Training Sessions:

GU provides training sessions to target groups in local society in areas such as: customer service, human resources management, press editing and investigative journalism, time management, writing financial and administrative reports, preparing budgets for business, enhancing life and work condition in built environments etc.

2. Community Services by Students and Staff:

The voluntary work intended to help people in Kingdom of Bahrain such as : Cleaning up the seashore, visiting the Elderly House, Iftar fasting day, participate in sports day, organizing table tennis, football competition, visit Bahrain National Charter Monument etc.

3. Social Engagement by Students and Staff:

Social engagement refers to participation in awareness campaign for the befit of the community and society in Kingdom of Bahrain such as: participating in cancer marathon, blood donation campaign, public affairs etc.

4. Industry Relations:

The relationship and the collaboration between GU and industrial companies aim to inform both the university community and the partners from the industry about the recent needs and challenges in the society. Accordingly, collaboration projects are initiated.

5. Resources and Facilities

GU provides learning and physical facilities to the community such as: sports playgrounds, library and cafeteria. However, there are new opportunities for sharing additional resources.

6. Donations of Equipment

This refers to the provision of donating items such as: media devices, computer, sport equipment, furniture, lab equipment, text books, clothes, etc. for needy persons or organizations.