Quality Assurance

Gulf University established its Quality Assurance Center in 2008 with a dedicated mission to ensure and enhance the quality of academic and administrative performance across university colleges, committees and administrative units. The center has been restructured in the academic year 2016-17 and entitled “Quality Assurance and Development Center” with aims to reinforce the quality culture and practice in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to improve the educational environment through effective utilization of human and physical resources. QADC is responsible to lead the development initiatives and provide appropriate plans, policies, procedures and guidelines to achieve the alignment with the standards of the national regulatory authorities while considering the regional, and international standards of accreditation and professional bodies. The center is also responsible for accurate communications with external communities in regards to quality assurance and accreditations issues.


Dr. Rumpa Roy
Director of QADC
Ms. Shereen Murad
Head of Staff Development Unit
Ms. Fahema Ali
Performance Measurement Officer

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets the direction and roadmap towards the aspirations of Gulf University (GU) in becoming a distinguished higher education institution at national and international level. It establishes the focus of the organization’s priorities. It is an inclusive process and embraced an internal and external environment scan, identifying goals and objectives, deriving initiatives, achieving milestones, as well as stakeholder participation in accordance with financial resources. The Strategic Plan provides the structure and framework to implement the initiatives of the organization at functional level and its impact on key performance indicators.

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